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There are many different ways that you can take a vacation, but one of the most popular and convenient is to take a cruise.


Experience Cruise Vacation with
Black Tie Limo

If you have never had the experience of being on a large cruise ship before, it is really something that you will love. Not only are you traveling in style, it is one of the only types of vacations that truly help you to get away from it all. Of course, you would also want to take a cruise to a comfortable, tropical location and those cruises start in the Orlando area at Port Canaveral. Your cruise vacation from Port Canaveral does not begin when you board the ship; it actually starts when your plane lands in the Orlando area. From that point forward, you can consider yourself on vacation and you should take advantage of all the conveniences that the Orlando area has to offer.

Port Canaveral Transportation Service

One of those conveniences is our Port Canaveral Transportation that can transport you from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral in style. In fact, when you use Black-Tie Limo, you can expect to love your vacation from the word go. One of the benefits of using our Port Canaveral Cruise Transportation Service is the fact that it takes the stress out of getting to the port. If you have ever had the experience of driving in a major metropolitan area, such as Orlando, you realize that traffic snarls and delays are commonplace. When you use our Airport Transportation Service to get to the port, you can be sure that we already know the way to get around the worst of the traffic and to allow you to arrive on time. All of this while you are enjoying a comfortable, convenient and beautiful limousine Transportation that is certain to be a highlight of your vacation. Of course, if you are traveling to Orlando simply to go to Port Canaveral, you are really missing a lot of what the area has to offer. If you have a little bit of time between your flight and setting sail, why not takes some time to see what the area has to offer?

sprinter-limoOur drivers are experienced in the Orlando area and we can give you the highlights, including a peek at Disney World if you desire. Seeing such a vacation destination can certainly put you in the mood for the cruise that you are about to take. Port Canaveral is well known as one of the premier cruise vacation destinations in the world. From this port, you have many large ships that on 3, 4 and even 7-day voyages to the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean and the Bahamas. In fact, there are even some specialty cruises that leave from this area as well. You can find yourself on large ships such as the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian and last but not the least Disney Fantasy & Disney Dream Cruise. Regardless of the ship you decide to take or where the world you are going from Port Canaveral, make sure that you use Black-Tie Port Canaveral Transportation to get you to the port in style.

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